TruSelf Organics “Detoxifying Mask”

-Retails for $24.95

-You can get 10% on your first order

-All Natural ingredients

-Pore Minimizing

-Prevent Blemish



  1. Add a small amount of mask to bowl.
  2. Mix equal parts mask and water.
  3. Apply an even layer to clean face.
  4. Let dry 10-30 minutes (less time for sensitive skin).
  5. Remove with warm water.


TruSelf Organics “Detoxifying Mask” in my opinion is a very effective, powerful mask. What do I mean by that? It detoxify deep down into your pores….It cleans and takes away all the nasty dirty stuff…Almost as if it is fighting with all the dirt that is just chilling on your face…..Once it starts to dry up it can get very tight, but it doesn’t clumble off. Therefore, you’ll start to see all the nasty stuff. TruSelf do recommend that if it is your first time use you’re only suppose to leave it on for 10 mins. After several use it can be on for as long as 30 mins…But as for me, I have very sensitive skin where I can only leave it on for 5-10 mins…. Some days when I have red bumps/ acne I would throw on this mask to decrease those areas that I have problems with… I have seen improvement after each use…My bumps/ acne tend to disappear or appear smaller… But due to the fact that this mask is too powerful for me I only use it once or twice a week….I recommend following it up with a moisturizer….Everyone’s skin type is different, so what works for me may not work for you….Anyways this is my review on TruSelf Organics “Detoxifying Mask.”


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